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"The Hummingbird Principle" (hardcover)

"The Hummingbird Principle" (hardcover)

Know Who You Are and Do What You Can


Can it really be that simple, with all the challenges we face in the world? But what if each one of us—yes, including you—has a unique role to play in creatively solving these problems?


What if the seemingly unrelated events of your life are actually part of the same coherent story—your biography—that guides you toward your life’s purpose?


What if a little hummingbird can help you see your personal strengths and inspire you to take action, cutting through the layers of who you have been, who you think you should be, and what you think you can and cannot do?


What if the seven classical planets—Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn—create a set of imaginative lenses for understanding yourself and others?


What if this book can provide you with fresh perspectives and a renewed enthusiasm for life, however big or small your challenges are?


Great for yourself or as a special gift.

    Expected to ship late May.
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